Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Another photo Amoz Gibson Project from Michael Silas on Facebook.

We need some help with the names.
I just found these comments about names: 
Dana Haghighi: "The guy kneeling in the front row is Payam Nadimi, his brother's name is Payman. The guy in the San Diego U shirt is myself, the last name of the girl in front of me is Rutstein, don't remember the first name. Next to me is Phyllis, behind her is Phil/Riaz Castillo, and to his right is Jahanshah Khadem, who has her hand on Jacqueline Left Hand Bull's arm. I remember everyone on this picture but have forgotten their names. This is a teaching trip from the Amos Gibson Project in SD. "
Kathy Bennett: "I was there too , this photo was taken in Rosebud. L-R Kyle Brown (man holding the stroller) Leo Eagle Elk, Felix Charging Whirlwind ,I'm the one in the blue shirt Kathy Vicenti , Doug and Betty Harris between me and Jacqueline Left Hand Bull ... All other names are correct..."

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